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Mission Statement

The Utah Office of Inspector General of Medicaid Services (UOIG) will protect taxpayer dollars by identifying fraud, abuse and waste risks and vulnerabilities in the State Medicaid Program and by taking action to mitigate or eliminate those risks.

The UOIG accomplishes its mission through three key interactive teams:

Special Investigations Unit and Medical Review: This team performs post payment reviews, mandated reviews and investigates Medicaid payments that are considered high risk.

Performance Audit: This team focuses on reducing waste, abuse, and fraud through preventive control audits and independent reviews of key Medicaid and related agency processes.

Policy, Training, Data Analytics, and Finance: Provides critical tools necessary to identify and investigate fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicaid system.

Utah Office of Inspector General Organizational Chart


The UOIG strives to adhere to the following standards:

The Federal Offices of Inspector General

The Association of Inspectors General

The United States Government Accountability Office

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